Finding the Right Words

  • David B Metcalfe Editor-in-Chief, Threshold


What an amazing time we find ourselves in: faced with environmental, cultural, and economic instability, we are being pushed to the very limits of our collective potential. As a result, research that has remained on the fringes during more stable periods is finding its place at the table out of sheer necessity. The world’s deep dive into mechanistic materialism has pushed our standard models far beyond their functional role. Like a Möbius strip we’ve traveled far enough for our technology and theoretical structures to develop and disprove the very models they seem to be based on. We’re pushed to the thin edge of reality where we now stand ready to take a leap into the unknown.

Author Biography

David B Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief, Threshold

David Metcalfe is the Editor-in-Chief of Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies and an internationally recognized multi-media artist and independent scholar of spiritual folklife and popular spirituality.

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