Impacts of the NDE on Non-NDEers

  • Ryan Rominger, PhD


Traditionally, the study of the near-death experience (NDE) has focused on the NDE narrative itself. More recently researchers focused on the aftereffects of the NDE, attempting to describe how a person changes after having such an experience. Occasionally the focus became how to help the individual who has had the NDE, how the NDE varies across cultures, and how learning about the NDE influences the learners’ attitude toward a basic understanding of the experience. However, both Kenneth Ring and I have studied the direct impact of an individual who has had an NDE (an NDEr) on someone who has not (a non-NDEr). Why this effect has not been studied more, as well as what we might further discover if we do study this effect, remain questions ever present in my mind.

Author Biography

Ryan Rominger, PhD

Ryan Rominger, PhD, currently serves as Associate University Research Chair in the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research in the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Rominger obtained his MA and PhD in psychology. His prior research includes integration and sharing of exceptional experiences, assessing diversity within higher education, the priming effect, transpersonal psychology, and transpersonal sociology.

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